Software developers in China

It is necessary that we clear our mind of the conception that the United States has a high rank in terms of technology development. It is because the majority of the world’s greatest software companies are present outside the US. This is confirmed by the recent 2018 tech survey. As a result, the tech moguls in the US are paying particular attention to the technology revolution that is rampant in China.

As per the statistical evidence, from 2009 to 1014, the number of software developing companies have almost doubled. And in 2018, China worldwide holds dominance over nine out of 10 tech companies operating in the world. This assertion is present in the annual report of the leading venture capitalist firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byer.


China is ushering in the technological market

According to technological researchers, China produces around 100,000 software engineers on an annual basis. And it is also seen that the Chinese firms are getting expansive and more innovative with the passage of time. The world is anticipating that the Red Economy will soon take over the Japan and United States influence and dominance over the global technological market in a few years’ time.

However, at the same time, critics cannot ignore an important controversy. The expansion of Chinese technological influence the form of rapid innovation in software is not pure. Many tech giants of the parts of the world detect the element of piracy and illegality in Chinese software development. In this way, it is clear that there is a lack of Chinese government regulation in the technology sector that has a global scope. Or if the government is aware of the Chinese software developers’ malicious tactic, they choose to overlook it.

The United States decides to counteract the piracy of Chinese software developers through Microsoft. The Microsoft Company has decided that only those Chinese software companies can do business in the United States who are paying the authorization fees for using Microsoft.

No matter how much rigid actions the other superpowers of the world are taking, there is no stop to spread of Chinese software developers. The fact that at the end of 2017, there were around 36,000 Chinese software companies proves the unprecedented hold of China over the global technological sector. The fact that the valuations of these companies reached 1 billion dollars further enhanced their significance worldwide. Take a minute to read the article for further information which touches an online privacy issue related to technology sector grow.

Therefore in the light of these statistics and findings, let us now explore the software developing companies in China:


The China Mobile

Based in Beijing, just like any other Chinese software developing company the company is state regulation and ownership. It is not a private company and a little deviated from software developing. It is because its main focus is on creating a mobile. Nevertheless, it has a software developing inclination to some extent as it employs 240,000 skilled staff for technological innovation prospects in China Mobile. Furthermore, as the company reaches out to 800 million subscribers, it gets the rank of being the extensive mobile company at the global level.


The Alibaba

This company is very comprehensive as has wide-ranging scope in e-commerce, retailing and software development. The company has twice the number of product holdings in comparison with Amazon and eBay. At present, it is shifting from e-commerce to being one of the influential and leading software company in the world.

The attractive aspect of the company is that all its offerings have the company’s signature manufacture through its software. It takes pride in carrying out transactions through its own banking services and modes of payments.

Alongside being one of the influential software developing company in its own, the company has served as a driving force behind many US startups. Thus, the technology behind snapchat and car service Lyft is of the Chinese software companies.



This company is renowned as being the top search engines in China. Furthermore, according to the research, it is also hardening its market share. In this respect, the company takes pride in offering myriads of free software products. Majority of these products are the interest of the PC users of Asian markets.



This company ranks among the leading social networking giants in China and throughout the world. It is the pioneer of the WeChatt messaging application software. One can gauge its popularity by the fact that in 2018, it had one billion monthly users. In order to be more precise about its significance, the users of this software are almost double the present population of the United States.

In light of these examples, it is clear that the leading software companies are not only competing with one another. Instead, they want to achieve an extra mile in the race that focuses on two prime aspects of the global tech sector. They want to create improved products and strive to solve emerging tech problems.